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Columbus Door represents the leading manufacturer of steel doors for commercial, industrial and institutional construction.

Steelcraft doors are designed for virtually all construction requirements in commercial building applications. Their construction, durability and flexibility have been proven throughout the world in both operation and physical testing of all types.

Full flush doors are defined as having no seams on the faces but seams are permitted on the edges. Steelcraft's L, B, LS, and CE doors meet this specification. Steelcraft standard doors are manufactured from cold-rolled steel, or A60 hot-dipped galvanized steel, and prime painted at the factory.


The L-Series door is a beveled edge honeycomb core door with a visible seam on both the hinge and lock edge. Optional cores are polystyrene and polyurethane.

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The B-Series is a beveled edge steel stiffened door with visible seams on the hinge and lock edges.

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The CE-Series is a beveled edge door that features deeply embossed panels on both sides, creating the appearance of hand carved doors. The CD-Series doors include all the features of the L-Series door.

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Stile and Rail Doors
A16 and AN16 doors are made of 16 gage (1.3 mm), 1-3/4" (54mm) thick tubular stiles and rails. The stiles extend the full height of the door. The rails are mechanically joined to the stiles forming a neat seam on the face. The A16 doors are available as FG (full glass), FG2 (2 glass areas) or FG3 (3 glass areas) only.

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