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Hollow Metal Frames

A complete line of welded metal frames to meet design specification requirements are available in many jamb depths. Frames are prefabricated completed assembled, arc welded for all wall conditions such as masonry, steel stud, and wood stud.

Typical Standard and Custom Hollow Metal Frames

Knocked Down Smoke Screens
Set-up Arc Welded Window Walls
Transom Partitions
Sidelight Labeled Products
Entrance System  

Typical Elevations

Built To Your Specifications

DW 16 Series Easy-Set Drywall Frames

Installed in minutes after the wall is up...

Typical Elevation

Steelcraft easy-set drywall frames are suitable for use with all types of drywall construction. The double return back bends prevent damage to the gypsum board. Frames are furnished knocked down and designed to be securely installed in the rough opening after the wallboard is applied.

Mitered corners are reinforced with a patent wedge lock corner clip to provide a firm interlock of jambs to head. Two adjustable jamb anchors provide anchoring and alignment in the opening. Two adjustable base anchors are provided per frame.



  Design Features

Typical wall conditions

3 1/2" wood stud with 5/8" gypsum board

3 5/8" steel stud with 5/8" gypsum board

3 5/8" steel stud with two layers of 5/8" gypsum board each side

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